What Is My Future Story?

My Future Story is designed to inspire and inform the exploration of careers in students.  It is our belief that the best way to find a rewarding career match, is to start with your greatest interest and the things you love to spend time doing.

We are addressing the topic for multiple age groups.  Parents can explore ways to engage their younger kids in the discussion of jobs, and find books they would like to read.  Kids.myfuturestory.com

High School and college students can find career and business terms defined that will help them navigate the hunt for degrees and careers.  They will also find profiles of people, industries, businesses and degrees to ease the difficult process in front of them. Teens.myfuturestory.com

It is never too early to be exploring careers of interest.  If you are a teenager or in your early 20’s we are going to help explore careers that relate to your interest. If you are a parent or a teacher you can check out resources and terminology for kids younger than high school in their blog. We will highlight activities that involve jobs that may not be obvious. We will show off jobs that are in many different types of companies. This will help explain how one degree or career plan could connect to different people, because they can do the job in a business or industry they find most interesting.

Coming in the future will be an app for kids in high school and beyond wanting to match their interest with their future possibilities.  For younger students there will be fun illustrated books spotlighting careers.

Let me know what you want to know about.  What careers do you wish you had more information about? Have you read a great book about careers that I should review or maybe you want to review it yourself and publish the review here?  Let me know your ideas at ideas@myfuturestory.com.


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