What Is An Industry?

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The term “industry” is used when grouping similar businesses that work together to produce or service similar needs.  The businesses may be similar in their model of selling like the “retail industry” which describes any business selling any type of items directly to the individual consumer.  Usually this means a store, which is in an actual building or online. The businesses might also be similar because they are dealing with the same type of material like gasoline and oil.

An industry term can also be used to describe a group of businesses operating around a type of product or related services.  The term “music industry” includes many types of businesses and professions, including musicians, recording studios, concert related businesses, promoters, talent agents, lawyers that specialize in the contracts and legal protection of music and much more.

Some jobs within an industry may be very unique and appear to only fit in one industry. For example people might assume that a songwriter would only be classified in the music business.  However songwriters may work creating television or movie soundtracks or they may work in the advertising industry producing music or jingles for radio ads.

Understanding how skills and interest can cross through many types of industries can be extremely important in finding career satisfaction.

While a songwriter might find work in a few industries, someone that becomes an accountant can explore every industry in existence and possibly find a greater satisfaction by specializing in accounting for businesses they have a greater interest in or a specific personal connection with the products and services. If accounting is your interest, yet you feel strongly about health care and helping others, then pursue your accounting role within the health care industry.  This blog will explore many different industries and assist in the understanding of how their jobs fit together.

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