Motivation – The Puzzle of Money by Dan Pink

In this video Dan talks about what motivates people in their work. In most types of work, its not how much money they make, its autonomy and mastery. They want to know that they have the ability to make choices in the way work is done. They want to be trusted that they will do […]

Why I Am Not A Lawyer – Personal Career Story

When I was in high school I thought I would like to be a lawyer. I liked the few things I had read about practicing law. I liked what I saw on TV when the quick thinking trial attorney saved the day. I liked to write, public speak and I had a deep seeded feeling […]

What Is An Industry?

  The term “industry” is used when grouping similar businesses that work together to produce or service similar needs.  The businesses may be similar in their model of selling like the “retail industry” which describes any business selling any type of items directly to the individual consumer.  Usually this means a store, which is in […]

What Is My Future Story?

My Future Story is designed to inspire and inform the exploration of careers in students.  It is our belief that the best way to find a rewarding career match, is to start with your greatest interest and the things you love to spend time doing. We are addressing the topic for multiple age groups.  Parents […]